Vermo Trotting Race Track
Vermon Ravirata, Helsinki,2006

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In Finland there are trotting races throughout the year, every day except on Christmas. Events vary from international competitions to races on ice. The Finnhorse Trotting Championship (Kuninkuusravit) is the greatest event of the trotting year. The main track is Vermo in Helsinki. A third of horses are Finnhorses, which served earlier as workhorses but now for trotting and other types of sports and hobbies.

Totalisator wagering is an essential part of trotting industry. It is also possible to bet through the internet. The Finnish Trotting and Breeding Association (Suomen Hippos) administers the whole horse breeding and trotting industry as well as keeps register and studbook for all the horses bred in Finland.






































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