Ice Road Race 
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Ice road racing 2005 on Lake Tuusula, Järvenpää (since 1955)

Racing a modified motocross bike, tyres equipped with special studs, on a frozen lake.

This sport is invented, developed and blueprinted by Finnish motorcycle racers and their creative minds. What's best of this, anyone can purchase the essentials and go for it, though the frozen lakes are not for sale. This is a very popular sport in Finland , and besides the fun, serious racing and effective training for any other form of motorcycle racing.

The season begins right when the ice is thick enough to ride 160km/h without stopping. Finally when the lakes really are frozen enough (ice thickness minimum 400mm for races with spectators, 100mm for training), the testing, practicing and preparing to Championship races begin. 

Racing conditions may vary from freezing point to extremely cold weather. Usually the temperature is around -10C, but a race at -25C has been experienced. This may sound horrible, but the truth is that it’s not. It is very important to prevent wind from blowing to bared skin. Critical points are neck, wrists, knees and face. Not a bad choice is a helmet designed for snowmobile use. The ventilation, double visor and strand is especially designed for cold conditions.





































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