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Hida Minzoku Mura, Takayama

During post-war years of spectacular economic growth a number of old villages sacrificed themselves for development of new dams. The Hida Folk Village is a collection of over 30 well preserved traditional homes transplanted from near Takayama before the dam project destroyed their original habitat. Here you are given an insight of Japanese traditional life style in rural area with lovely views of distant mountains for background: Mt Hotakadake, Mt Yarigadake, and Mt Kasagadake to the east, Mt Hakusan to the west and Mt Ontake to the south.

The Taguchi house is the largest, as the family was head of the village for several generations. The house is about 30 metres long and has a large meeting room for group discussions. Tanaka's house is a simple earthen-floored farmhouse. Maeda's house is the home of a wealthy timber merchant. It has a beautiful geometrical design.