10th World Championships in Athletics 
 Helsinki 2005

Men’s walking 50km (1)


Sergei Kirdyapkin did what has seemed impossible before in an event of such distance and demanding such endurance as the 50km Walk: the Russian decided the competition by making a move before the 10km point and was able to keep his fast pace through to the finish, taking the gold medal and bettering his personal best by more than three minutes in his first major competition. 

Kirdyapkin’s 3:38:08 was a little more than two minutes slower than Robert Korzeniowski’s World Record set in the Paris World Championships in 2003. Kirdyapkin's more experienced countryman, Aleksei Voyevodin, the bronze medallist at the Athens Olympics, took the silver, more than three minutes behind Kirdyapkin. Alex Schwarzer took a surprising bronze medal, setting the Italian national record with his 3:41:54.

























































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