Rakugo, a comic storytelling, is an art of narration. Usually it ends with a punch line, which is called otosu, pull down.

The background of kotenrakugo, or classic rakugo is the age of Edo period when the samurai system was steadfastly established and people in various positions enjoyed a peaceful life in their own way. But of course everything will meet its end and behind the samurai system the merchant class began to take real power. Yet the world of rakugo, lord, samurai, craftsman, carpenter, farmer or servant is always doing something stupid - humanly stupid and funny. It is impossible to translate these stories which can be alive only when a rakugoka, comic story teller, displays his narrating art in his unique style. Yet with help of your imagination you might get a small fun from the outline of otoshi banashi, comic stories.


Hatsune no Tsuzumi